Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Librarium Painting Challenge Complete

I have once again taken part in the BolterandChainsword Librarium Painting Challenge and once again I have completed the task.

This year I put down for 5 units. A dreadnought and tactical company which I have posted previously as well as 4 terminators, Captain Sicarius and a unit of Scouts.

It actually took me quite a bit longer to get done than I expected. I blame a plethora of new PC games that came out for this. Mass Effect 2 was the main culprit but the new Dawn of War 2 played a part as well.

Anywho, onto the minis.

Terminators first. I have to say that I am not really all that happy with them except for the Space Hulk one. This is mostly because of how the helmets came out. They are the one part of terminators that I struggle with. Not with painting the white but with getting it defined nicely.

Then came Captain Sicarius. Now, even though I play 2nd Company Ultramarines I loath the character of Sicarius. I dont like how he has been pushed as this sort of "ideal" Ultramarine. I far prefer Agemman. However it is a really great model.


Last but not least are the scouts. I bought these chaps way back in the day when I first started 40k and before I had the rules or codex. The idea of hard core snipers appealed to me. That was before I found out how rubbish the were. Anyways, I stripped them down and decided to do a more covert style colour scheme for them while still retaining enough elements to identify them as Ultramarines.


  1. cracking painting on those terminators! old school approach still kicks asses

  2. I agree, though I am still struggling to get my stripes straight.