Friday, 31 August 2012

Ultramarines: Back in Action

This Saturday I will play my 2nd game of 40k in a year. It will also be my first game of 6th. I will also play my 2nd and 3rd game as I will be playing in a small local tournament. Only 10 people but that will be nice to dip my toes back in the water.

Because its been so long since I have played I have a few issues. One of them is that I have forgotten a fair amount. Throw in having not played in 6th and well....

I have borrowed my friends 6th Ed rule book and will spend the next 2 days figuring out what the hell I am doing. Running scenarios against my own units - that kind of thing. This will allow me to work out the basics of close combat, psychic powers, flyers etc.

My biggest issue though is that the tourney is at 1500 points. My 1st Company Smurfwing (aka DA Deathwing) has always been run at 1750. I KNOW how to be deadly with it at that point level. In fact my list is so good for me that it hasnt changed in 2 years. That means I have to pry out 250 points from somewhere. The question is what to drop? One of the raiders - then I loose a bunch of my AT and mobility. One of the squads and I loose 25% of my troops.

Another issue is that with Deathwing is if I choose to take out a troops choice it doesnt come to 250 so something else has to go. That something is the dreadnought which causes its own issues as it also represents a fair amount of my AT.

After much debate I ended up dropping a squad of terminators and the dread and adding an Interrogator Chaplain. Is it the best choice? No, but its one that I am going to have to work with. Plus its always nice to play with models that I normally dont use. And the fact is that my Chaplain is just so good to look at :)

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