Sunday, 13 September 2009

Ultramarine Space Hulk Terminator

My latest effort: A modified Space Hulk Terminators in Ultramarine colours. A few modifications and a coat of paint and I now have a very nice Termie Captain / Veteran Sergeant.


  1. Thats a really effect conversion and a great paint job, well done mate!

    I had being eyeing up my Space Hulk terminators to use as Deathwing, but had decided the conversions would be too much effort. You've made me really think again...

  2. That is a great model. I like him more in ultra marine blue even though I play Blood Angels. I especially like that you did not cut away all of the blood drops. Really great paint job.

    I may have to paint up a few ultra marines just for fun!

  3. That is an awesome job done. I was definitely going to use this mini in my Relictors Army. That's why I bought 2 SH sets... oh dear. £6 sounds a steal now.

  4. Lovely work and something I plan to have a bash at myself if I ever find the time! I have a full set of SH Terminators and want to make them all Ultramarines.