Sunday, 27 December 2009

From the Painting Bench

I hope everyone had a good and safe Christmas and that they have come away laden with Loot :)

Has been a quiet few weeks. Have painted up the Bolter element of a devestator squad which I am not going to post as really, they are bog standard blue marines.

I have also done up a new Terminator Sergeant. Special thanks to The Prophet for his quick tutorial on how to do the glaive. Also, just to make my friend Matt (aka greatcrusage08 on the B7C)  happy I have given him the skull in U shoulder pad and even painted it red ;)

Also, a few weeks back I finished off some more Honour Guard for Marneus.


I recieved an Assault Squad box for Christmas which will be done up at some point. I have plans for them. Oh yes, plans.....


  1. Good looking army so far.

    I've started my Ultramarines few months ago and now trying to gain more experience in playing too.

    Hope to see more of your army!

    From the 4th company

  2. Looking good, as always. With the red, white, & blue paint-scheme, it's hard to believe you're not an American... :)

    Thanks for putting the link up on how to make the glaive, as well. It looks sharp (pun intended).