Sunday, 10 January 2010

I want....


By this I mean I want an upgrade sprue set for my Ultramarines. Black Templars and Dark Angels have them. Space Wolves have 2 whole damn box sets full of funky bits and pieces and I cannot imagine that the Blood Angels due out in April wont be jam packed with goodies.

I dont want to sound whiney but since codex chapters make up the majority of chapters it seems wierd that we dont have something like that. Sure there are the odd bits scattered across different box sets but there is not that much.

I am talking stuff with eagles, skulls,  cloaks, different weapons, different helmets, stuff for terminators etc etc. I am of the firm belief that if GW released something like that they would sell very well. Another thing you could put on that sprue is pieces from different armour marks. The pre-heresy army builders would love it and buy the thing in bulk. On pg 18-19 of Codex: Space Marines there is a graphic of the whole Ultramarines Second Company. If you look closely you can see that there are bits of different armour scattered through out. I see MK3 Torsos and Heads. I see MK5 Legs, MK2 Shoulder Pads. I see different patterns of bolters and its all combined with the current MK 6-8 stuff and it looks amazing. This is what a company should look like.

It sometimes also seems strange to me when I look at the decisions made at GW and Forge world. At my local GW store they recieved a set of Pre-Heresy Thousand Son Heads from Forge world the Prospero battle that took place at GD2009. Now they are really lovely bits and I would kill to have them. Turns out however, according to the guy who recieved them and painted the army, that FW are not going to produce them for the market. I think this is madness as once again, these are things that many many people would buy.

Anyways, rant over. Perhaps GW are going to release something like this in the future. I hope so. Now off to take some photos of some newly painted minis.

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