Sunday, 10 January 2010


2 of my newly painted Sergeants.

First we have the Sergeant of Assault Squad VIII armed with Power Axe and Bolt Pistol in Holster.

Followed by the Sergeant of Tactical Squad IV armed with Power Warhammer and Polt Pistol. I am very happy with how this fellow turned out. Using the AOBR Sergeant as a base I cut and filed him into submission. All in all there are bits from 6 different kits on this mini. Noddy Badge to whoever can identify them all...


  1. Love them both, especially the second one. almost wasted on a humble serg, he's worthy of a Sternguard at least - i did a similar conversion with the AOBR serg legs. Great neat paintjobs as always

  2. All I can identify on the sergeant is that chaos warriors hammer, the dark angels helmet, and tactical squad bolt pistol hand, and a crux terminatus. Fantastic job :D

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