Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Why I dont like my Tau

I am busy trying to finish up the final little bits of my Tau army which consist of a Devilfish's engines and drones as well as 6 shield drones and I am finding it a real struggle. Honestly I cant figure out why I even started this army as it leaves me uninspired and I just cant get into it.

I have had the army for around 2 years and I have used it exactly 3 times. 2 severe beat downs by marines and one of me shooting a DH army to death. This is not exactly a value for money army with a play rate like that.

I think the reason I dont like this army is not so much the codex or the rules but rather because of these 2 reasons.

A:) Its hard to transport. I have 4 devilfish models (well 2 devilfish and 2 hammerheads) and 3 piranhas. These just refuse to go into a case nicely and have to be transported via other methods.

B:) As I said before, its just an uninspiring army. There are so few conversion opportunity I feel. Your average Tau army that you see on the board all look the same. The models all look the same. I have grown really used to being able to manipulate my marines and make them unique. Not one of my sergeants or captains has not been cut up, green stuffed, repositioned or had limbs swapped out. Not very easy to do with Tau I find. This is not helped by the utter lack of goodies on the sprue. Even if you could convert them there is not that much to convert them with.

All this just makes me uninterested in the army which is sad since when I first started it I was more into it than I was with my Ultras. Sadly that passed and I am now seriously looking at selling it to finance getting my guard army up and running.

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  1. If you've gone off an army, then you've gone off it, and there's little point carrying on when you have lost all interest but...if you are still unsure there are a few things you could do to rekindle your love of Tau.

    I use a large case to transport my army, and pick and pluck foam inserts to hold the vehicles. A very worthwhile investment.

    Take a look around the net for conversion inspiration. Advanced Tau Tactica is a good place to start, as they have loads of very skilled modellers and painters who do some very impressive things with the Tau. And then there are the Kroot - I have seen some terrific conversions there as well.

    Win more! Winning with an army naturally makes you more well disposed towards it. While tailoring your army vs a specific opponent is not a good long-term strategy, Tau are actually very effective against small, elite armies like Space Marines. Plenty of Fireknife suits and a good core of mech is a good base. Use Kroot and piranha to block the enemy advance and control movement, knock them out their transports with railguns and missile pods and shoot the troops to death as they approach. Much more along this theme on ATT.

    Best of luck!