Wednesday, 21 July 2010

TDA Librarian / GKGM "Counts as"

My latest creation is this fellow. He fullfills 2 rolls. He can either be a normal TDA librarian for my Ultrawing or normal C:SM army or he can fill the roll of a Grey Knight Grand Master counting as a suped up librarian.
In his role as the GKGM he gets a Hood and Icon of the Just (the storm shield counts as the icon since the actual Demon Hunters storm shield is awful - 4+ invuln in CC only vs a single attacker) for the 4+ invuln. He maintains his WYSIWYG by having his storm bolter mounted on his back.
If playing as a DW librarian then I ignore the Storm shield as a decoration and as a normal C:SM Librarian I ignore the storm bolter as decoration.
He is entirely plastic and only comes from 4 kits. Terminator Box, Assault Terminator Box, Sanguainary Guard and DA Veteran Box.
I am actually quite proud of his right shoulder pad as that required a bit of GS work since I had to break the book in half to make it bend backwards over the shoulder pad.
He has grey hair as he is a grizzled veteran, long versed in the use of the warp.
With this guy I now only need to make up a TDA Chaplain from bits and I will have a 100% plastic / resin army. No more heavy metal.


  1. Nice highlighting work on the blue terminator armour. And the power sword looks great!

  2. The conversion is awesome!

  3. This looks fantastic. The powersword, as jabberjabber says, looks great. And the use of the dark angels' bit on his right shoulder really seals the librarian idea. Great job.

  4. I like that the glaive encarmine seems properly scaled for the Terminator Armour, I used 'em for assault sergeant power weapons and they seem almost comedically overscaled, nice work. The only thing I'd suggest is slightly thickening the "lava" energy lines next time so you can bring them up higher and have more white. Glow is all about the white. Otherwise, lovely, and I echo your hurrah for no metal!

  5. Thanks everyone :)

    Have to agree that the sword matches up to TDA perfectly. Its actually far taller than a normal PA marine if stood next to it.