Saturday, 10 July 2010

New Captain Agemman

In the past I have been using the LC Space Hulk Termie as my Captain Agemman (Counts as Belial) but it just never seemed right. I have now finished putting together and painting my version of him.

I used the Chaos Terminator Lord as a base and the proceeded to hack away the various chaos bits and replace it with other stuff. I have tried to pay homage to the DA's by incorperating a DA bit or two into the model.

What you can see represents my upper limits of Green Stuff-fu and I dont think I did too badly.

Once again a serious kitbash and kudos to whomever can identify all the relevant parts.

I am hoping that this will appease the 40K Gods and finally alllow my captain to actualy be able to hit and kill something (yeah, my current dude couldnt kill the broadside of a barn)


  1. I really like the shield on his greave, nice touch.
    Hoepfully your Captain will do better than my Librarian, he's horrible on the board.

  2. This looks fantastic! I would quite like to know where you got the claws. They are very cool.

  3. @ron - Well he slew a whole sanguinary guard squad today and has been relatively effective overall. Last week killed 6 or 7 SOB before he ate an excorsist missile *sigh* still had all his wounds too.

    @ playing - They are claws from the Chaos Terminator Lord kit, as is most of this chap. Only things that arent are the front of his torso, the halo thing, his shoulder pads and his head