Monday, 16 April 2012

8.8cm Flak 36 and friends

It has been  rather productive week model and painting wise. I finished up 5 different units of models. 2 units, a set of Pz III's and PzIV's from command decision where for my buddy in the Paint for Panther scheme (though now its a paint for anything sheme really). The rest were for myself.

My main focus was on a pair of 8.8cm Flak 36's. The infamous German AA/AT gun from WW2. I really love these guns. I bought a Tamiya 1/35 scale version about 21 years ago (I was 9 years old at the time)which sat proudly in my room for almost 2 decades.

These guys are quite a lot smaller at 1/100 scale but they just look phenominal. I also took my time with them and made some scenic bases out of greenstuff and some straw I found outside.

I think these came out really really well considering its my first attempt at this kind of scenic base.

A bit of paint and the application of the actual model and Bobs your uncle :)

Crew are not the actual 8.8 crew as I got the models without. These are from the 105mm artillery set which is why they are not quite right. Still, they do look good.

Next up is a couple of Panzer III G's. These are the Zvezda models are are really good considering the price. Sure, they dont have much individual detail and yes, the detail it has could be more pronounced but at $5 each they are perfect. I did add some detail in a jerry can, extra tracks on the front of the commanders tank and I adapted a commander figure and hatch from a Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IV. Doesnt look 100% right but still looks good and at this scale and looking down at it from the table top no-one will notice anyway.

Lastly, I aquired a Naga Strider for my Heavy Gear Southern Army. Its an older metal model so isnt as detailed as the newer release but its still a fantastic mini. I magnatised the weapons so can use either layout though to be honest the fact that if you use the twin field guns its 100 points cheaper than the Anti-tank missiles means its most likely always going to be run in that configuration.

I had lots of fun with this mini both building and painting it. Altered the paint scheme slighty as I didnt use the dry brushing I used on my other gears and instead opted for edge highlighting. Made it look darker which makes it stand out a bit more.

 Anti-tank missile pods

Light Field Guns


  1. I have a bunch of the Zvezda stuff too and really like how my Pz IIIs turned out. I have added hatches and crew to give it more detail also. Great looking stuff.

  2. That Naga is just phenomenal, Rory. Cannot wait for you to get it to the table!

  3. All looks good. Great job on the 88 bases.