Sunday, 1 April 2012

Paint for Panthers

So given my current financial situation I have had to resort to alternate means of aquiring the minis that my hobby addiction craves.

With that in mind I reached an agreement with a buddy of mine who had some spare mini's but not the time to paint some of the plethora of models he had. So thus came about the "Paint for Panthers" scheme. I would paint up some of his FOW Hungarian army and I would recieved some of those spare minis.

The green BFG cruiser and the 3 sword frigates were part of that deal as well as a FOW panther. For that I painted 3 Hungarian Toldi 1's, 2 Nimrods and 2 Pz38t's.

Toldi 1's - White balance was all off so these dont look as good as they should.

Nimrods - These were interesting to paint due to the crew members being crammed into the small turret.

Panzer 38t's - Fun and easy little tanks. I really like these tanks a lot and if I can figure out how to fit some into my list I will.

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