Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Black Library <---I ownz it

Yesterday I finally got around to unpacking my 40k books after the big move. The thing that struck me is that I really didnt realise I had quite so many 40k books as I thought I did.

I was wrong. I have a bloody library full of the things. All shapes and sizes. All authors and subjects. Dont get me wrong, I love having and reading them I just wish they didnt take up so much space :)

From Left to right in each pile.

Back row: Space Wolves novels, Dan Abnetts Isenhorn and Ravenor novels, Soul Drinkers (just need Phalanx to finish it off), Grey Knights novels, stand alone books including short story anthologies, Sandy Mitchells Heretic series, Bastion Wars series

Middlerow: Tanith first and only, Ciaphus Cain, Space Marine Battles, Salamander series (need Nocturne to complete), Ultramarine novels.

Front: Both piles are Horus Heresy books just lacking Outcast Dead and Deliverance.

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