Sunday, 4 March 2012

More Heavy Gear and Ultramarine Chaplain

2 new Southern Iguana's completed. One will be attached to and be the forward observer for a Fire Support Cadre. The other will be attached to a Veteran GP Squad, also with forward observer duties.

First up is the Iguana piloted by Specialist A.J. "Knifey" McGee. A.J. is a recon specialist with a background in wet work and black ops both in and out of his Gear. He is known for his use of the knife for the silent kill and that has translated into his usage of the vibro blade for anti-Gear work.

Its hard to see but he has 4 knives. Two sheathed at his hips along with the obvious two in his hands.

I also swapped out the standard Vibro blades for Space Marine combat knives. I felt they looked more vicious and they were also far easier to work with and attach being plastic.

Next up is Trooper Maggie "Hot Lips" Houlihan. Her nickname doesnt describe her social skills but rather the fact that as a forward observer for the Fire Support Cadre her kiss brings hot firey death upon her foes.

Lastly here is another kitbashed IC for my Ultramarines 2nd Company. With this Chaplain I now have the full 2nd Company including all IC's and command squad and they are all in plastic.

As can be seen he is a Jump Chaplain and tags along with the assault squads. He has been in the wars a bit as the mechanical replacement left arm and leg will attest. He is also armed with one of the chapters oldest weapons. A Heresy era plasma pistol. The Chaplain helmet was built following Ron's from "From the Warp" tutorial.

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  1. Wow! Very nice stuff Rory. Looking forward to seeing those Iggies hit the table.