Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ultramarine Librarian

As promised, here is mini to match the picture in my last post. It has bits from multiple kits though the majority come from the Sanguinary Guard and Grey Knights but there are bits and pieces from the SM Command Squad as well as random dodads from the bits box.

The interesting thing is that after I finished painting this guy I counted the number of colours I used. All told it came to 26. I was shocked at the figure as I didnt realise that I had used that many. Granted some of the colours are only used in tiny amounts such as the yellow and orange on his gems but they are present.

A few comments. For some reason I couldnt get the camera to focus in as crisply as I would like. Also, his sword does not have an abnormally long hilt. As in the picture, his right hand is actually gripping the pommel stone

Lastly. this is my current work space. Since I have been unable to source a desk since the big trans-Atlantic move I have had to use my bathroom sink. Its not ideal and sitting sideways on the toilet is absolutely killing my back. Still, its better than nothing and has allowed me to get the job done plus you get the benifit of unlimited clean water.

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