Wednesday, 22 February 2012

World of Tanks

World of Tanks, for those who dont know, is a Capture the Flag-esk online game where you drive around in random teams in, you guessed it, tanks. Its might good fun and I have been playing pretty much everyday for the last 8 months.

Last night I played my 3000'th battle. Thats a whole lot of battles and a whole lot of time spent.

In that time I have destroyed 2318 enemies and in turn been destroyed 2238 times which means I kill more than I die. I have survived 768 battles and have a 47% win rate overall. Most kills in a game have been 7 which considering that there are 15 players a side is pretty good and I have achieved this twice.

I play using the German line and there have been some really good tanks and some real stinkers in there that I have had to grind through. One caveat though is that the tanks some time are not historically accurate in that they have upgrades that the real ones never did such as different turrets and guns. There are also tanks that only ever existed as blueprints or only made it to prototype.

My absolute favourite tanks is the JagdPanther.

This is a Tank Destroyer armed with a 8.8cm pak 43 L/71. I have played 524 matches with it and have 504 kills.

Next up is my little money maker. My Panzer IV.

This is a tier 5 medium armed with a 7.5cm Kwk 42 L / 70. A sniper of extordanary accuracy I have played this tank 430 times and have 371 kills.

Next is my 2nd favourite. The Tiger II.

Its a tier 8 brawler. With front armour that is very hard to get through I can really get into the thick of things and still come out on top. Armed with the 10.5cm Kwk 46 L/68 I have played 395 games with 332 kills.

And lastly is the new kid on the block. The E-75 which is fast becoming my favourite.

Based heavily on the Tiger 2 this tank never saw battle. The thing is a beast though I will say that at the start I almost rage quit with how poor it was. But with all its upgrades its an unstopable monster. Its the only tank I have which has positive kill ration greater than the games I have played. Armed with its monster 12.8cm Kwk 44 L/55 I have played a mere 196 games with it but have 218 kills. Its one of the tanks with 7 kills in a battle and is so tough that in one game it took 33 hits to destroy me.

So there we have it. A good fun game and I hope to play another 3000+ games :)


  1. Love this game too, but only at about tier 5, but have plenty of Elite status tanks to get some Exp with. I want a PzIV next, one away. My fav is a BT-2, fast and light and good gun for Tier2.

  2. Have to agree. The most fun is down at the lower tiers where you have to work for kills and not get one shotted from afar.

    The most fun I have is when I play with the dinky little french D1. Its so slow and terrible that it struggles to drive through walls and has once been stopped dead by a lamp pole. But it has good armour and a decent gun so gets in the kills once it actually makes it somewhere.