Saturday, 11 February 2012

As promised

As promised yesterday I have taken some more and better photos of my recent activity.

First up, my Jager Gear. As I said yesterday this is just a test scheme but I have to say it came out beautifully and will be carried over with very few tweaks to the whole army once I have purchased it. The photos are quite dark though. He is a bit brighter in real life and the purple has less of a blue hue to it.

Next up is a closer view of my only completed Flames of War mini. A Tiger tank. I have left off the additional brown and green camo stripes as this vehicle is fresh from the factory and hasn't received them yet. (real reason is that I cant paint them on very well yet) It has suffered from some paint chipping during transit from the UK to the USA which I will touch up when I get all my paints out.

And lastly, the last 2 completed Tactical squads from my 2nd Company Ultramarines.This rounds out the full company which is also pictured.
 The above squad does have the full 10 guys, only noticed the one was out of shot after all the equipment was put away.

100 Space marines. 60 Tactical, 20 Assault marines and 20 Devastator marines.

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  1. It all looks great Rory - and that Jaeger is very nice! Looking forward to seeing a whole ESE army in that scheme.