Wednesday, 22 February 2012

More Flames of War

In preperation for a Mid War campaign this spring I got my arse in gear and finished up painting the final models of my 1500 point Panzerkompanie.

My list looks like this:


Panther D - 275

Combat Platoons:

4 x Panzer IV H with Schurzen - 680

3 x StuG G with shurzen - 525

1480 points

And the new models look like this:

StuG G's are from Battlefront. 2 are from the starter box and the command tank is from the Panzer Kanno box. Went with a minimal camo scheme in contrast to the Panzer IV's which are just covered.

The Panzer IV's are from the Plastic Soldier Company and are wonderful plastic kits. Very easy to put together and around half the price of the Battlefront ones. Only draw back is they dont have much customization on the sprue. No stowage etc which would have made them perfect.

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