Saturday, 11 February 2012

Back in action

Its been a while but in my defense a lot has happened.

Biggest thing is that I moved across the Atlantic from the UK to the USA. North Carolina in fact. This has meant that there has been bugger all money for hobby. Even worse is that I don't have any area to paint so haven't even been able to paint us the back log.

Still, I have managed to get some hobby done. Played a few games of 40k but also a few games from other systems. I have had a few games of Battletech and Heavy Gear. I have also started collecting a Flames of War army.

Now, since no one wants to just read a text update I suppose I should throw in some pictures.

First, my FOW army. Going with Germans and currently have 10 tanks. Only 1 is painted up though the other 9 have all been basecoated. Will be adding infantry in the future. Just chose tanks so as to be able to get an army on the table as fast as possible.

My tank park. 3 StugIII's, 5 Panzer IVH's and a single Tiger (which is painted up).

Now this chap is a test Jager from Heavy Gear. Its a test colour scheme but it just looks spanky. Will be running an army from the Eastern Sun Emirates with Southern Republican Army support.

I am really liking the look of Heavy Gear. I like that it plays quite differently from 40k with stacked modifiers and objectives that are very different from the bog standard 40k stuff. I also think the minis are rather attractive and I also love the fact that its a low model count game.

Tomorrow, when there is better light and I am not so tired, I shall put up some more pics of the Gear and tanks. I shall also put up some photos of the 2 completed Tactical Squads that I mentioned in my last post. I now have the full 2nd Company Ultramarines.

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