Thursday, 15 March 2012

Panther Redo and Heavy Gear Sidewinders

In a previous post I posted some pictures of a FOW Panther. Despite how I said I liked the result in that post I started to feel that it just didnt look good. Detail was obscured, it looked too dirty. It didnt help that it was painted over 2 different base coats.

With that gnawing at me I decided to repaint it for the third time. This time I stripped it properly, basecoats and all down to the bare resin and metal. This fun and exciting process took 2 days with the tank sitting in a container of Green Stuff and hourly scrubs.

This time I also painted in the battle damage where the zimmerit has been blown off. I used the flash to highlight it in one picture and its very glaring but under natural light it is far more subtle.

I have to say that I am much happier with this iteration. Camo is clearer and not so muddy and detail is highlighted and not obscured. I also painted the rubber tires on both the inner and outer road wheels.

Flash reveals battle damage and rust, most noticable on the left side of the picture by the machine gun.

In other news I have also finished up 2 Sidewinders for my Southern Heavy Gear Army.

These buggers were the devil to prepare. Lots of flash and heavy mould lines. First time I have run into this with DP9 mini's which are usually quite well cast. Took me about 90 minutes each to get the 2 guys prepared.

After that painting was pretty easy. Had an issue with the matt varnish causing the purple to bleed all over the place and covering all the drybrushed detail but I managed to sort that out as well.

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