Monday, 26 March 2012

The Fleet expands

A loooong time ago I posted some pictures of 2 Battlefleet gothic cruisers that I had painted up. That sadly never lead anywhere since there was noone in the area to play and I wasnt prepared to spend money on a game that I would never play.

Fast forward almost 2 years. I am in a new country with new gaming buddies who play a variety of different systems. One being BFG.

With that being in the case I have come into possession of a Lunar Class Cruiser and 3 sword class frigates.

The cruiser was part painted in a green scheme which I decided to leave intact as stripping it down would have been too much of a pain. I did however complete the painting of the bow in my fleet colours as well as repair the ram thingie that had broken off. Used a random bit that looked a match. I also painted in the ornamentation along the sides.

The frigates were unpained which allowed me to go wild. I decided that I wasnt going to paint them in my capial ship colours but something different to contrast. A quick perusal of the interwebs gave me this picture.

I set about painting it tem as close as I could though I substituted a dull bronze for the gold to tie in with the test of the fleet.

All in all I am quite proud of how my little fleet is coming along and hopefully I shall get a game in the next few weeks.

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