Wednesday, 24 February 2010

In the pipeline

It is possible that I am going to have another interest very soon. And this interest is....

I have always been keen to try the game but have been put off by the lack of players. I only know 2 people who play the game and neither of them lives close enough to me to play.

However, that changed this week as I got a sudden urge to buy some ships and paint them up as display pieces. So I duely ordered the pack that comes with 2 cruisers in it which should arrive tomorrow.

The thing is, once I had bought them I got to thinking. What is the use in having models you do not use? So I downloaded the rules and have been poring over the internet for good fleet lists etc.

I will be going for an Imperial Navy fleet which will be painted to fit into my Ultramar forces. I think I will paint them in pale tones. Light grays and whites with burnished gold. I really am quite excited about it.

Next on the agenda is the new Venerable Dreadnought. I have placed my pre-order for it which means I will have it next weekend. I got to have a look at a completed one and the sprues at my local GW and it really is a lovely model. Very well done.

I have not painted or done anything 40k related for the last 2 weeks apart from order my dreadnought as I have been immersed in the world of Mass Effect 2. What an outstanding game. I havent been sucked in like this by a game for years. In fact the last time it happened was with Mass Effect 1. I was hooked so bad that I gave up the chance to get a game in at my store. Ok, the torrential rain didnt help but I dont think I would gave left the house even had it been sunny. I should finish it this weekend though so should get back to a decent 40k schedule.


  1. Great game. My local group's been getting back into it also. If you haven't stumbled across it, I recommend checking out Port Maw for some good BFG stuff.

  2. I have checked out Port Maw and there is some good stuff, especially info regarding good lists. Its going to be a slow build up of my fleet and who knows when I am going to get a game but I am very keen about it. Fluff is the GW downloads is pretty awesome as well.