Thursday, 18 February 2010

January Painting

So looking back at the last month and a half or so of posts all I see is a wall of text. To break it up and give people what they want I present to you all my January efforts at the painting table. These 2 units are actually part of my B&C Librarium Painting Challenge.

To begin we have Tactical Squad 4. The sergeant for this squad was shown earlier (the AOBR Sergeant conversion) and here are the rest of his buddies.

I have tried to make the squad as varied as possible with different helmets and bolter varients. The chap below has an old school bolter that was lurking in my bits box.

This fellow has a MK2 Helmet and belt fed bolter

Guy below has a Drum Fed Bolter

Guy below has some funky targetting gizmo on his helmet. Hopefully it will prevent this gets hot rolls

This fellow has an Iron Hands Bionic arm and attached bolter

This chap has a box fed bolter

I have to say I am really happy how the Multi-Melta guy came out. A different looking MK2 Helm made all the difference.

After that comes Brother Opis, 1st Company Dreadnought. I enjoyed making his base which has some nurgle elements to it. Corroded Icon and squashed nurglified guardsman. You cant see it in these pics but he has a helmet and a corroded lasgun.

The dreadnought itself is an AOBR dread with minor conversion. I cut the faceplate off and attached a different one and a forgewold bit (the plaque thingie) on his torso. Not much else done aside from that.

Later this month expect to see some of the other units I have done for the challenge. Namely Sicarius and a unit of scouts.

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  1. They look really good, very clean, with excellent highlighting. Looking forward to seeing some more.