Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Ultra Meet 3

Every 3 or 4 months member of the Ultramarine Sub forum of gather together for a weekend of gaming and fun.

The first one was at Warhammer World in Nottingham and the second and third one at the GW store in Cambridge. This store is great. 8 tables in the basement with very helpful and friendly staff at hand.
Last weekend was the third meet and while it was small (only 6 of us managed to get down) it was a blast.

I used 3 separate lists. My First Company UltraWing, my 71 marine foot slogger list and a balanced list with various elements.

I got in 4 normal games and took part in the “Mega Battle” at the end. This was a 3 a side game using normal 40k rules and 1750 points per player.

My first game I used the Ultrawing. Standard 12 inch deployment with 4 control points. This game started off terribly for me as my Belial with attached Termie Chaplain and Squad managed to get Lost in the warp on his Deathwing Assault. Game not even started and I had lost a quarter of my troops and both IC’s. Still, in the end I managed to pull off a draw as we were both holding 1 point and contesting the others.

Second game used my footslogger list. 71 marines. 4 Tactical squads, an assault squad with chaplain and 2 full 10 man Devastator squads. Game was control points with Dawn of War Deployment. This did me no favours. In the end it was a loss to me as I just did not have the speed to get my guys to his point fast enough. If it had gone to turn 6 then I may just have managed to get close enough to contest his objective.

Game 3 I used the Ultrawing. Annihilation with Dawn of War again. To be honest I don’t remember much of this game. I know I managed to immobilize my opponents LR with my dreads Assault Cannon and then spent 3 turns doing nothing to it with the same dread in assault. In the end I won on Killpoints. It was a close call as I only had 2 terminators and Belial left alive.

Game 4 was vs Matt. I suppose I could be called his Nemesis as he has yet to beat me in 6 or 7 games. I ran a balanced list. I had 2 tacticals in rhinos, a plasma dread, ironclad, vindicator, LR, LC Captain and command squad and terminator squad . He was using 2 assault squads, 2 tacticals in rhinos, a dread and Calgar with Assault Termies in a LRC. Game was control points with table quarters. 

I again started badly as both my dreads, my vindicator and a rhino were taken out after only 1 round of shooting. However I was able to lure away his Calgar and deep strike my termies in to claim his objective while holding onto my own. I think had the game gone another turn it would have been a draw but was a victory for me in the end.

The last game of the day was the mega battle. 1750 per player with 6 players for a total of over 10000 points. Game was annihilation with standard deployment. It was an all out slug fest. My guys did ok however once again my Belial and command squad played no part in the game. They had a deepstrike mishap and were placed by the opposition in the far corner of the table. In the end they managed to get off a whole 6 storm bolter shots in total.

Ultimately though, our side went down by 19KP to 16KP but it was great fun and I hope to be able to do something similar again.

A few highlights:

My Land Raider squaring off against Matts LRC. Alas, my lascannons were in effective vs his armour. The shots would have been better spent killing rhinos and pods.

Andrews Melta Dreadnought came down right next to my Land Raider and did...nothing. It was butchered by my terminators and managed to kill 2 of them when it exploded.

This was a vast melee in the middle of the field. In the end it included 7 different units. 


  1. This sounds great, and sounds like you guys had a great time - I'll have to nose around and when I'm a bit more ruled up might start pestering you guys to be included. Nice table-top shots too!

  2. It was lots of fun. If you dont already, you should head on down to our sub forum on the B&C. Lots of like minded Ultramarine players over there.