Friday, 21 May 2010

How McRunty got his groove back

I haven't posted for quite some time. This is mainly due to the fact that I was feeling very burned out on all things 40K.

I have actually spent the last 1.5 months playing PC games, reading or just chilling out. Didn't paint and barely played any games aside from Ultra meet 4. My water cup ran dry and my mini's languished in their cases.

That seems to be coming to an end. I have recently gone back to my paint brush and am painting up a new command squad. I have stripped down my old one, scavenged it for bits and am using the new Sanguinary Guard box as a base.

I have been really happy at the results this far. I spent most of last Sunday painting up a test mini just to see if the whole "Muscled Torso" idea was viable with blue paint and it is. The test mini is below.

I will paint up the rest of the squad this weekend and should be able to post the full unit next week sometime.

Ultra Meet 4

Once again, this was a blast. We all went up to Warhammer World and this was the biggest meet yet. I think we had 14 players at one stage.

I played 6 games with my DeathWing and won 4. The 2 I lost were too Tyranids which I lost 2 - 1 on objectives and to Sisters of Battle where I was pretty much tabled. Never having played Sisters before I was unprepared for the nastiness that their Faith can bring.

The 4 games I won, I won pretty convincingly. I smote C'tan's necrons, crushed Alloyslayers 4th Co., burned GC08's pesky scouts out of the woods and destroyed Kernmists marines.

All in all a good weekend and another demonstration that Deathwing can win games if you play them right.

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  1. woohoo big man got his mojo back, and with style.. love these command squad minis, not sure on the nipples though, why do they sculpt nipples on armour?