Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Ultramarine Command Squad

The command squad is now finished. I must say that they came out rather well all in all. I was not altogether happy with the apothocary but I fixed him so he looks a bit better with the application of some grey for some shading. Used the grey as a bit of....I dont know what you would call it....low lighting maybe? Anyways I used it to break up the mass of white.

I really enjoyed building this unit. If you look closely you will find bits from 9 different boxes and 2 blisters.

Command Squad Box
Sanguinary Guard Box
Death Company Box
Assault Squad Box
Beserker Box
Old Space Wolf Box
New Wolf Pack Box
Venerable Dreadnought Box
Assault Terminator Box

Kudos to anyone who can identify what bit is on what model :)

The Banner is a photocopy from the Codex. I am not skilled enough yet to freehand that as yet.

Anyways, here they are:

The squad as a whole

Company Champion

Banner Bearer


Vet with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

Vet with Power Sword


  1. Hey man, those look great! I like how you hid the Blood Angels iconography in plain sight; the gold wings really look like they belong with the Ultramarines. I like!

  2. those are funktastic, gotta love the little extras, definately make for great ultramarines

  3. I really like the use of the sanguinary guard front torso bits in a colour other than gold, looks like a batman chest.

  4. I bought the sanguinary guard box a few weeks ago, but honestly it dissapointed me a lot. there are too many pieces that are not included in kit, like kamagra commander.