Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Ultramarine Captain

And here is the Captain that the new Command Squad will be attached too.

I have had him for about a year but have never had a decent looking squad to attach him too. That's changed now and I can see many a game where the lot of them slaughter the Enemies of Mankind


  1. Hey, very nice mini!!

    Are those terminator claws? I want to make a captain, and since i´m building a Raven Guard army I want to have one two-lightning-clawed captain.

  2. They are termi claws. However they are a little big.

    If you really want a decent looking set of claws I suggest using the left hand one from the SM: Captain box and the right hand one from the Space Wolf Wolf pack box. You end up with something that looks like my "counts as Shrike"