Thursday 19 November 2009

Lack of Funding


Due to my financial circumstances I am going to have to put my Imperial Guard Army on Indefinite Hiatus. Its not that I cant afford to expand the army, its that currently all my excess funds are earmarked for another project and this will be lasting for the next 20 months or so.

That is not to say that I wont be adding to the army, I will just be doing so very very slowly. Like a squad every 2 months, a Russ every quarter or something like that.

What that does mean though is that I am going to be going back and refurbishing a chunk of my Ultramarines. I have already stripped down and repainted about 70% of my army but now I am really going to focus on it. Specifically on my Terminators. I have enough Termies, dreads and Land Raiders to field a reasonable 1500 point "UltraWing" army. This will allow me to play a different style of army while still being able to use my current minis.

I have so far repainted or fresh painted 13 of the 24 Terminators I own. I have 6 tactical termies to completely redo and 4 Hammernators which all I need to alter is their Crux terminarus colour from silver and gold to white. Also have the Termie Libby to repaint.

At my current speed I should have them all done before Jan 30 which is when I am going up to Cambridge for the B&C Ultramarine sub-forum Ultra Meet No3. Good times for all.