Wednesday 24 February 2010

In the pipeline

It is possible that I am going to have another interest very soon. And this interest is....

I have always been keen to try the game but have been put off by the lack of players. I only know 2 people who play the game and neither of them lives close enough to me to play.

However, that changed this week as I got a sudden urge to buy some ships and paint them up as display pieces. So I duely ordered the pack that comes with 2 cruisers in it which should arrive tomorrow.

The thing is, once I had bought them I got to thinking. What is the use in having models you do not use? So I downloaded the rules and have been poring over the internet for good fleet lists etc.

I will be going for an Imperial Navy fleet which will be painted to fit into my Ultramar forces. I think I will paint them in pale tones. Light grays and whites with burnished gold. I really am quite excited about it.

Next on the agenda is the new Venerable Dreadnought. I have placed my pre-order for it which means I will have it next weekend. I got to have a look at a completed one and the sprues at my local GW and it really is a lovely model. Very well done.

I have not painted or done anything 40k related for the last 2 weeks apart from order my dreadnought as I have been immersed in the world of Mass Effect 2. What an outstanding game. I havent been sucked in like this by a game for years. In fact the last time it happened was with Mass Effect 1. I was hooked so bad that I gave up the chance to get a game in at my store. Ok, the torrential rain didnt help but I dont think I would gave left the house even had it been sunny. I should finish it this weekend though so should get back to a decent 40k schedule.

Thursday 18 February 2010

January Painting

So looking back at the last month and a half or so of posts all I see is a wall of text. To break it up and give people what they want I present to you all my January efforts at the painting table. These 2 units are actually part of my B&C Librarium Painting Challenge.

To begin we have Tactical Squad 4. The sergeant for this squad was shown earlier (the AOBR Sergeant conversion) and here are the rest of his buddies.

I have tried to make the squad as varied as possible with different helmets and bolter varients. The chap below has an old school bolter that was lurking in my bits box.

This fellow has a MK2 Helmet and belt fed bolter

Guy below has a Drum Fed Bolter

Guy below has some funky targetting gizmo on his helmet. Hopefully it will prevent this gets hot rolls

This fellow has an Iron Hands Bionic arm and attached bolter

This chap has a box fed bolter

I have to say I am really happy how the Multi-Melta guy came out. A different looking MK2 Helm made all the difference.

After that comes Brother Opis, 1st Company Dreadnought. I enjoyed making his base which has some nurgle elements to it. Corroded Icon and squashed nurglified guardsman. You cant see it in these pics but he has a helmet and a corroded lasgun.

The dreadnought itself is an AOBR dread with minor conversion. I cut the faceplate off and attached a different one and a forgewold bit (the plaque thingie) on his torso. Not much else done aside from that.

Later this month expect to see some of the other units I have done for the challenge. Namely Sicarius and a unit of scouts.

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Deathwing vs Wolfwing Part 2

 know that there have been many, many comparisons done between the Deathwing and the Wolfwing. The pros and cons of each. I have even talked about some of them in an earlier post detailing why I chose DW over WW. There is a very good over all comparision between Deathwing and Wolfwing done by Ron at FTW and can be read HERE

This however will be a direct comparison between my current Deathwing list and the closest I can get to it using the Wolfwing.


My Death Wing - 1750


~Interogator Chaplain in Termie armour

~Squad 1
3 x Lightning Claws
Apothocary with Stormbolter / Powerfist
Banner Bearer with Stormbolter / Power fist

~Squad 2
Power Weapon / Storm Bolter
Heavy Flamer with Chainfist
2 x Powerfist / Storm Bolter
Lightning Claws

~Squad 3
Power Weapon / Storm Bolter
Stormbolter / Chainfist
2 x Powerfist / Storm Bolter
Lightning Claws

~Squad 4
2 x TH/SS
Assault Cannon / Powerfist
2 x Powerfist / Stormbolter

~Dreadnought with Assault Cannon
~Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon

~Land Raider with Extra Armour

This gives me 2 IC, 20 terminators, 2 Dreads and a Land Raider.

Belial and the chaplain run with Squad 1. This gives them a total of 6 LC and 5 PW I5 WS5 attacks, 15 LC I4 W4 attacks and 8 I1 W4 Powerfist attacks on the charge. Rerolling to hit. Its pretty devastating when it hits. These chaps either DS or walk across the field. The apothecary gives them the ability to shrug off 1 non-instant death wound per turn as long as they are not in CC.

Squad 3 Rolls in the Raider. This means that they generally sit in the backfield  protecting an objective while the raider snipes at vehicles.

Squad 2 and 4 walk across the field, each supported by a dreadnought.

This seems to work. I have not lost a 1v1 game yet using this configuration.

Now lets have a look at as close a list as I can come up with using WW

~Logan Grimnar

~Wolf Priest in Termie Armour

~Squad 1
3 x Wolf Claw
2 x Powerfist / Stormbolter

~Squad 2
Power Weapon/Storm Bolter
Heavy Flamer/Chain F ist
Wolf Claws
2 x Stormbolter/PowerFist

~Squad 3
Power Weapon/Storm Bolter
Wolf Claws
Stormbolter / Chainfist
2 x Stormbolter/PowerFist

~Squad 4
2 x TH/SS
Assault Cannon / Powerfist
2 x Powerfist / Stormbolter

~Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon
~Dreadnought with Assault Cannon

~Land Raider with extra armour

This is an exact model count duplicate.

My tactics would be slightly different here. I would run Grimnar with Squad 1 and the Wolf priest with Squad 4. This way, both of the squads would get preferred enemy.

Assuming he does not use his Living Legend rule, Grimnar gets 6 attacks on the charge, the Wolf Claw chaps would get 12 I4, WS4 attacks and I would choose for them to re-roll “to wound” and the Powerfists get 6 I1 WS4 attacks. Getting charged or charging this unit would be a very painful experience.

Squad 2 and 4 would be supported by a dreadnought each

Squad 3 would sit in the Raider, same as the Deathwing and Squad 4 would be walking.


The Wolfwing comes in at 55 points more costly. This can be solved by removing a single TH/SS termie from the list. This of course drops your unit count by 1.

Belial vs Grimnar is a no brainer. Grimnar utterly outclasses Belial in every way possible except price. He is more than double the cost of Belial.

Chaplain vs Wolf Priest. This one is a little more tough to call. The Wolf priest is 25 points cheaper and gives preferred enemy. However I would have to go with the Chaplain. He retains the old chaplain stats i.e. higher Initiative, more wounds and attacks and also allows you to re-roll hits on the charge. I think that is worth the 25 points.

Squad 1. The WW squad is cheaper but is missing out on the extra attack from the banner as well as the ignored wound from the apothecary. Do I think that makes a difference. Well, if Grimnar is attached I don’t think the extra attack matters but I think that being able to shrug off a wound is well worth the extra points. A Deathwing termie costs 53 points, the apothecary upgrade is 30. Save 1 wound and it has paid for itself. I think the Deathwing Squad comes out on top.

Squad 2 and 3 are almost identical in price so no real differences.

Squad 4. The WW squad is more expensive but overall is the better pick. You get the upgraded Storm shields so its more survivable and if you attach the Wolfpriest its going to be quite nasty in combat.

Dreadnoughts – roughly the same price so no real difference there. However the old style smoke makes them more survivable so I would choose the DW dreads.

Land Raider. Also a hard one to choose between. They cost the same but the WW version comes with the new POTMS. For a raider that is being used as a firebase I think this may be the better bet as it allows you to shoot with BS4 and split fire. However for a moving LR you really need the extra armour to stay mobile. While you can afford this in the DW list you won’t be able to get it in the WW list. In fact, with the old POTMS you can still go 6 inches without the extra armour if you are stunned plus shoot a weapon at BS2.
This, coupled with the old style smoke makes me choose the DW raider.

A few other army wide differences are the smoke launchers and the fact that Deathwing armies are all fearless. The smoke is an important issue. With the plethora of Melta around, the ability to make all penetrating hits glancing for a round is invaluable and has saved my bacon more than once. The pros and cons of fearless units are well documented so I wont rehash that except to say that I really like it.


Its odd, when I started this I fully expected for the Wolfwing to come out on top. However, looking at it I would hazard that the Deathwing sneaks out in front. Now granted that this is a direct comparision and I doubt that a Wolfwing player would have a unit set up like this and is unlikely to have the same play style or tactics usage but I think the principles are sound. This is especially true since to get an army comparable to mine the Wolfwing has to compromise on number of models or wargear choices. It cant have both as it is just too pricey.

Wednesday 3 February 2010

Ultra Meet 3

Every 3 or 4 months member of the Ultramarine Sub forum of gather together for a weekend of gaming and fun.

The first one was at Warhammer World in Nottingham and the second and third one at the GW store in Cambridge. This store is great. 8 tables in the basement with very helpful and friendly staff at hand.
Last weekend was the third meet and while it was small (only 6 of us managed to get down) it was a blast.

I used 3 separate lists. My First Company UltraWing, my 71 marine foot slogger list and a balanced list with various elements.

I got in 4 normal games and took part in the “Mega Battle” at the end. This was a 3 a side game using normal 40k rules and 1750 points per player.

My first game I used the Ultrawing. Standard 12 inch deployment with 4 control points. This game started off terribly for me as my Belial with attached Termie Chaplain and Squad managed to get Lost in the warp on his Deathwing Assault. Game not even started and I had lost a quarter of my troops and both IC’s. Still, in the end I managed to pull off a draw as we were both holding 1 point and contesting the others.

Second game used my footslogger list. 71 marines. 4 Tactical squads, an assault squad with chaplain and 2 full 10 man Devastator squads. Game was control points with Dawn of War Deployment. This did me no favours. In the end it was a loss to me as I just did not have the speed to get my guys to his point fast enough. If it had gone to turn 6 then I may just have managed to get close enough to contest his objective.

Game 3 I used the Ultrawing. Annihilation with Dawn of War again. To be honest I don’t remember much of this game. I know I managed to immobilize my opponents LR with my dreads Assault Cannon and then spent 3 turns doing nothing to it with the same dread in assault. In the end I won on Killpoints. It was a close call as I only had 2 terminators and Belial left alive.

Game 4 was vs Matt. I suppose I could be called his Nemesis as he has yet to beat me in 6 or 7 games. I ran a balanced list. I had 2 tacticals in rhinos, a plasma dread, ironclad, vindicator, LR, LC Captain and command squad and terminator squad . He was using 2 assault squads, 2 tacticals in rhinos, a dread and Calgar with Assault Termies in a LRC. Game was control points with table quarters. 

I again started badly as both my dreads, my vindicator and a rhino were taken out after only 1 round of shooting. However I was able to lure away his Calgar and deep strike my termies in to claim his objective while holding onto my own. I think had the game gone another turn it would have been a draw but was a victory for me in the end.

The last game of the day was the mega battle. 1750 per player with 6 players for a total of over 10000 points. Game was annihilation with standard deployment. It was an all out slug fest. My guys did ok however once again my Belial and command squad played no part in the game. They had a deepstrike mishap and were placed by the opposition in the far corner of the table. In the end they managed to get off a whole 6 storm bolter shots in total.

Ultimately though, our side went down by 19KP to 16KP but it was great fun and I hope to be able to do something similar again.

A few highlights:

My Land Raider squaring off against Matts LRC. Alas, my lascannons were in effective vs his armour. The shots would have been better spent killing rhinos and pods.

Andrews Melta Dreadnought came down right next to my Land Raider and did...nothing. It was butchered by my terminators and managed to kill 2 of them when it exploded.

This was a vast melee in the middle of the field. In the end it included 7 different units.