Friday 2 April 2010

Ultrawing Complete

God, its taken months to get done. Months of stripping minis and painting. Months of getting my army list right but now, finally, I have finished painting all units of my Ultramarine First Company army using the Deathwing rules.

I couldnt get a very good shot of the whole thing so this will have too do.

I have had really good results with this army. Its not one that the local gaming scene is used to so people dont quite know how to combat it. Also, the idea of 20 terminators seems to intimidate some players. I had one chap who bunched his whole army up in a corner because he was afraid of my "Deathwing Assault" I then walked my whole army across the board and took all 4 objectives with only the loss of a few terminators and a dreadnought.

The army list I play is pretty much as you see here though I have either the Chaplain OR theTLLC dread in it, not both as they dont fit into 1750 points.