Sunday 13 June 2010

Multi Chapter Kill Team

In my previous post I asked what 10 different chapters had in common. The answer? A multi chapter kill team. I was going through my bits box and realised I had enough bits and bobs to make up 5 space marines. But what do make? I have every single type of unit out of the codex. I decided then that I would make up a 200 point kill teams and as each model is essentially an individual unit I decided to make each one from a different codex chapter, excluding my ultramarines. I was able to find decals. shoulder pads or free hand the chapter emblems for 9 of the marines. The Howling Griffin defeated me. I didnt have the skill to free hand it and the options for transfers (Brettonian or Space Wolf transfers that can be modified on Ebay or printing my own) were too pricey considering I need a single emblem.

I also bought a box of tacticals to make up the numbers. I was going to buy a combat squad but at £15 for 5 marines vs £22 for 10 marines with an upgrade sprue it would have been stupid to get just the combat squad.

Anyways, here is the squad.

Soul Drinker and Imperial Fist

Black Consul and Son of Orar

Howling Griffin and Iron Snake

Eagle Warrior and Salamander

White Scar and Mortifactor

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Whats the connection? A mystery

So what is the connection between the:

Eagle Warriors
Black Consuls
Dark Sons
Howling Griffens
Sons of Orar
White Scars
Soul Drinkers
Imperial Fists
Iron Snakes


We have First Founding chapters, a chapter that has been destroyed, a chapter that has turned renegade.
There are chapters that protect people and others that are oblivious. Chapters that favour assault, fast attack, heavy weapons or tacticals.

What could be the common thread that connects these 10 chapters?

All shall be revealled in the next few weeks....