Saturday 25 May 2013

Suddenly....Shermans: Part Deux

My South African armour is now painted. I haven't put on the decals as I don't have them yet but that should hopefully occur in the next month or two. I also added 2 M10C's to the tank park. While it isn't strictly historically accurate to have the C variant (The 6th Armoured Div only had the base M10's) I put them in so if I want to use other books to run the list I can. I am specifically thinking of the new Market Garden book where the 17pdr gun has been uprated to AT15.

The Company is out of the FOW Forces book, is Confident Trained and comes in at 1745 points. Should hopefully be able to use them in a game next weekend.

Group shot of the company.

4 Sherman's of the HQ Platoon

2 Platoons of Sherman's. 1 BF (front), 1 PSC (rear)

2 Platoons of Sherman's. 1 BF (front), 1 PSC (rear)

4 Stuarts


Saturday 4 May 2013


My latest brain fart (and what has been occupying my time and money for the last 2 months or so) is my Flames of War tank company based on the South African 6th Armoured Division which was stationed in Italy during 1944 and 1945.

Yes, I am South African :)

Now, given that there are no briefings to cover this I have decided to use a generic British Tank Company out of the Forces book. This allows me to take loads of Confident Trained tanks. It also allows me to take most of the vehicles that were in use by the Safa's

Having researched the division quite a bit I discovered that the South African's made use of pretty much every mark of Sherman (I-V) including the MkIV in at least one instance. I suspect that this is due to being attached to the US 5th Army during part of their time in Italy.

They also had access to 76mm armed Sherman's as well as 105mm armed versions. Sadly, no British Briefing allows me to take these variants as well Fireflies. Oh well. Normal 75mm and 17pdr versions will have to do.

They also had access to Stuarts as well as M10's though again, sadly, do not appear to have had access to the M10C's

In building up my actual army I decided that since they had such an eclectic variety of Sherman's I would try and get as many variants as possible in.

Using a combination of Plastic Soldier Company, Battlefront Open Fire and Achtung starter boxes as well as individual blisters I have Mk2, Mk3 and Mk5's mixed in. I also managed to acquire some M5A1 Stuarts for cheap off Ebay. I am now just waiting to build up my funds to get some M10's as well as some Commonwealth Infantry and some Sexton SPG's

Everything is built and is just waiting primer and paint.

20 Sherman's and 4 Stuarts. Enough to give the Hun and the Eyties a run for their money