Saturday 31 July 2010

Last few results - using GKGM

I have played 2 games @ 2000 points running my GKGM "counts as"

1st games was DW vs Sisters of Battle. I am actually pretty bitter about this game. I lost 8-4 on KP. HOWEVER that is with a major caveat. This was my second time in 3 years vs sisters so my knowledge of their rules is not great.

Since I am a trusting sort when I play armies I dont know I trust their owners to be honest. This did not occur in this game.

The majority of my opponents "creative" use of the rules came own to his cannoness with jump pack.

In his army the Blessed Weapon gave +2 strength as well as +2 initiative. The rules only give it +2 strength.
His inferno pistol became AP1 and the jump pack magically gave her "Hit and Run" and she somehow became WS 5.

Because of this I could not kill the cow, especially since she had a cloak St Aspira which gives her a 2++ invuln with a successful Spirit of the Matyr

Again, my fault that I didnt check up on him and I dont know if it would have changed the outcome of the game but I do think it would have been far closer.

If he had been playing properly my GKGM would have killed her on the first or 2nd round of combat as she would not have been able to "hit and run" away. So thats 1 KP extra to me. She would not have killed my Crusader (he got a 4 on the damage chart and because he was playing his inferno pistol as AP1 that went up to 5 - wrecked) So thats -1KP to him Suddenly its 7-5.

Crusader had full weapons and had a deamonhost with a single wound in its sights. May or may not have killed it. So potentially +1 to me.

GKGM was in range of an exorcist which he could have taken with his S6 so another potential +1 to me. All of a sudden its potentially 7-7.

Oh well, live and learn and I know for next time.

Second game was my DW vs Blood Angels at 2000 points. This was a much better game. Lost 6-5 on KP but was a tense and close game. Came down to a final combat with 2 of my terminators needing to kill 5 assault marines. Got 5 hits and then rolled 2 ones :( 2 survive and the game ends. Could have been a draw but as I said I really dont mind because of how fun it was.

Also, the GKTM who couldnt kill a single cannoness in the last game was able to, in 1 round of combat, behead his Sanguinor. My opponent was bitter when I pointed out that my Demonhunters Forceweapon negated Instant Death with its old "Slain Outright" rule <----Sometimes old codex's can be usefull

The GKGM was finally put down but he put down half an assault squad before that happened.

So 1 Sanguinor and 5 Assault marines vs not being able to kill a cannoness. Hmmmm

My Agemman (Counts as Belial) also put up a good show. Took out a full squad of Sanguinary priests before he died

Not a fan of the 3 fast Vindicators but they actually didnt accomplish much. Immobilised 1 LR and destroyed its 2 Lascannons and killed 3 terminators. That being said, they did absorb the combined fire power of said LR and my venerable TLLC dread with only 1 dying.

All in all I am quite happy with this current 2k list of mine. I prefer playing at 1750 but the extra 250 points allows me to play with extra toys.

Also think I am going to remove "Word of the Emperor" from the GKGM and give him Frag Grenades and a Melta Bomb instead which will make him more versatile as well as allowing him to charge into cover and strike at initiative.

Wednesday 21 July 2010

TDA Librarian / GKGM "Counts as"

My latest creation is this fellow. He fullfills 2 rolls. He can either be a normal TDA librarian for my Ultrawing or normal C:SM army or he can fill the roll of a Grey Knight Grand Master counting as a suped up librarian.
In his role as the GKGM he gets a Hood and Icon of the Just (the storm shield counts as the icon since the actual Demon Hunters storm shield is awful - 4+ invuln in CC only vs a single attacker) for the 4+ invuln. He maintains his WYSIWYG by having his storm bolter mounted on his back.
If playing as a DW librarian then I ignore the Storm shield as a decoration and as a normal C:SM Librarian I ignore the storm bolter as decoration.
He is entirely plastic and only comes from 4 kits. Terminator Box, Assault Terminator Box, Sanguainary Guard and DA Veteran Box.
I am actually quite proud of his right shoulder pad as that required a bit of GS work since I had to break the book in half to make it bend backwards over the shoulder pad.
He has grey hair as he is a grizzled veteran, long versed in the use of the warp.
With this guy I now only need to make up a TDA Chaplain from bits and I will have a 100% plastic / resin army. No more heavy metal.

Saturday 10 July 2010

New Captain Agemman

In the past I have been using the LC Space Hulk Termie as my Captain Agemman (Counts as Belial) but it just never seemed right. I have now finished putting together and painting my version of him.

I used the Chaos Terminator Lord as a base and the proceeded to hack away the various chaos bits and replace it with other stuff. I have tried to pay homage to the DA's by incorperating a DA bit or two into the model.

What you can see represents my upper limits of Green Stuff-fu and I dont think I did too badly.

Once again a serious kitbash and kudos to whomever can identify all the relevant parts.

I am hoping that this will appease the 40K Gods and finally alllow my captain to actualy be able to hit and kill something (yeah, my current dude couldnt kill the broadside of a barn)