Tuesday 26 March 2013

Ebay Auction

In the pursuit of stating a new Flames of War army I am going to sell off some my unused Warhammer 40k stuff. I have never sold anything on ebay before so this will be a trial run. If it goes well then I shall put up some more stuff.

First is a 2005 Games Day Veteran Sergeant Aurelius mini. He has been previously painted and used but I have stripped him down as best I can.

Anyone want to take a look? The auction can be found here:


Sunday 17 March 2013

Total War Flames of War

The last few months have been devoted Flames of War for me. I have painted up a whole stack of armour and infantry.

I have also been involved in 2 large Total War games kindly hosted by Britt at his house. I must say he went all out to generate 2 fantastic tables.

Both games involved 2 players aside, both fielding 1750 points each. For the allies we had Britt with his dirty Yanks and Josh with his vile and imperialistic British. On the side of the Axis was Kenny with his staunch and loyal Hungarians and me with my noble Germans.

The first game used almost pure Total War rules on a stepped table setup. While this was a good game, especially for learning purposes, it ended up being a bit disappointing and somewhat static since 3 of use turned up with Infantry Companies. Because of that casualties were fairly light on both sides. Victory went to the Allies. Due to getting caught up in the game I forgot to take pictures for most of it.

Table set-up

My copse of Doom. For some reason every single bit of Anti-Tank ended up around this bit of woodland.

 The second game was much more dynamic as there were now 3 Tank Companies and there was tons of death and violence. Set up was fairly simple. The axis had to take and blow 3 bridges to prevent the Allies crossing the Rhine. The allies had to keep at least 1 bridge open when the game ended to win the game. Once again, large portions of the battle go undocumented as we got so involved in the action.
The small village slumbers, unaware of what's coming

The Allies advance into the town, severely damaging the small detachment of German Armoured Cars that managed to get there first.

The Allies continue to push hard at the village. Axis forces start to react and move up to counter
Axis forces also align to the left and advance on the undefended bridge

Things start to heat up in the village as Allied forces pour in.

The King Tigers take and hold the bridge. 1 turn later they would rid the world of that Murderous Dog General Patton.

Aerial photograph shows that the town center is starting to become clogged with burning armour. It also reveals the death trap that Shwein-Shnitzel Hill had become for the Axis Armour. 

Sadly, the King Tigers failed their Storm Trooper role and ended up just in range of the Jacksons. One was destroyed and the other bailed. The platoon then failed its motivation and ran away, leaving the bailed tank to be captured. Sadly it was then given to the Cowardly French, repainted and stuck into a museum:

(Lets be honest, its amazing that this tank is still in good running order and I would kill to watch it in operation)

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and this is what the table looked like when the game ended. All of Britt's combat platoons had been destroyed or fled the field. Josh managed to roll an ungodly amount of motivation rolls and 3 of his armoured companies stayed on the field despite being down to 1 tank in each. The most important result though was that 2 bridges still stood and that allowed the Allies to carry the day.

Can't wait for the next one. Will have to see what tricks I can come up with so the Axis can get in a win.