Saturday 31 July 2010

Last few results - using GKGM

I have played 2 games @ 2000 points running my GKGM "counts as"

1st games was DW vs Sisters of Battle. I am actually pretty bitter about this game. I lost 8-4 on KP. HOWEVER that is with a major caveat. This was my second time in 3 years vs sisters so my knowledge of their rules is not great.

Since I am a trusting sort when I play armies I dont know I trust their owners to be honest. This did not occur in this game.

The majority of my opponents "creative" use of the rules came own to his cannoness with jump pack.

In his army the Blessed Weapon gave +2 strength as well as +2 initiative. The rules only give it +2 strength.
His inferno pistol became AP1 and the jump pack magically gave her "Hit and Run" and she somehow became WS 5.

Because of this I could not kill the cow, especially since she had a cloak St Aspira which gives her a 2++ invuln with a successful Spirit of the Matyr

Again, my fault that I didnt check up on him and I dont know if it would have changed the outcome of the game but I do think it would have been far closer.

If he had been playing properly my GKGM would have killed her on the first or 2nd round of combat as she would not have been able to "hit and run" away. So thats 1 KP extra to me. She would not have killed my Crusader (he got a 4 on the damage chart and because he was playing his inferno pistol as AP1 that went up to 5 - wrecked) So thats -1KP to him Suddenly its 7-5.

Crusader had full weapons and had a deamonhost with a single wound in its sights. May or may not have killed it. So potentially +1 to me.

GKGM was in range of an exorcist which he could have taken with his S6 so another potential +1 to me. All of a sudden its potentially 7-7.

Oh well, live and learn and I know for next time.

Second game was my DW vs Blood Angels at 2000 points. This was a much better game. Lost 6-5 on KP but was a tense and close game. Came down to a final combat with 2 of my terminators needing to kill 5 assault marines. Got 5 hits and then rolled 2 ones :( 2 survive and the game ends. Could have been a draw but as I said I really dont mind because of how fun it was.

Also, the GKTM who couldnt kill a single cannoness in the last game was able to, in 1 round of combat, behead his Sanguinor. My opponent was bitter when I pointed out that my Demonhunters Forceweapon negated Instant Death with its old "Slain Outright" rule <----Sometimes old codex's can be usefull

The GKGM was finally put down but he put down half an assault squad before that happened.

So 1 Sanguinor and 5 Assault marines vs not being able to kill a cannoness. Hmmmm

My Agemman (Counts as Belial) also put up a good show. Took out a full squad of Sanguinary priests before he died

Not a fan of the 3 fast Vindicators but they actually didnt accomplish much. Immobilised 1 LR and destroyed its 2 Lascannons and killed 3 terminators. That being said, they did absorb the combined fire power of said LR and my venerable TLLC dread with only 1 dying.

All in all I am quite happy with this current 2k list of mine. I prefer playing at 1750 but the extra 250 points allows me to play with extra toys.

Also think I am going to remove "Word of the Emperor" from the GKGM and give him Frag Grenades and a Melta Bomb instead which will make him more versatile as well as allowing him to charge into cover and strike at initiative.

Wednesday 21 July 2010

TDA Librarian / GKGM "Counts as"

My latest creation is this fellow. He fullfills 2 rolls. He can either be a normal TDA librarian for my Ultrawing or normal C:SM army or he can fill the roll of a Grey Knight Grand Master counting as a suped up librarian.
In his role as the GKGM he gets a Hood and Icon of the Just (the storm shield counts as the icon since the actual Demon Hunters storm shield is awful - 4+ invuln in CC only vs a single attacker) for the 4+ invuln. He maintains his WYSIWYG by having his storm bolter mounted on his back.
If playing as a DW librarian then I ignore the Storm shield as a decoration and as a normal C:SM Librarian I ignore the storm bolter as decoration.
He is entirely plastic and only comes from 4 kits. Terminator Box, Assault Terminator Box, Sanguainary Guard and DA Veteran Box.
I am actually quite proud of his right shoulder pad as that required a bit of GS work since I had to break the book in half to make it bend backwards over the shoulder pad.
He has grey hair as he is a grizzled veteran, long versed in the use of the warp.
With this guy I now only need to make up a TDA Chaplain from bits and I will have a 100% plastic / resin army. No more heavy metal.

Saturday 10 July 2010

New Captain Agemman

In the past I have been using the LC Space Hulk Termie as my Captain Agemman (Counts as Belial) but it just never seemed right. I have now finished putting together and painting my version of him.

I used the Chaos Terminator Lord as a base and the proceeded to hack away the various chaos bits and replace it with other stuff. I have tried to pay homage to the DA's by incorperating a DA bit or two into the model.

What you can see represents my upper limits of Green Stuff-fu and I dont think I did too badly.

Once again a serious kitbash and kudos to whomever can identify all the relevant parts.

I am hoping that this will appease the 40K Gods and finally alllow my captain to actualy be able to hit and kill something (yeah, my current dude couldnt kill the broadside of a barn)

Sunday 13 June 2010

Multi Chapter Kill Team

In my previous post I asked what 10 different chapters had in common. The answer? A multi chapter kill team. I was going through my bits box and realised I had enough bits and bobs to make up 5 space marines. But what do make? I have every single type of unit out of the codex. I decided then that I would make up a 200 point kill teams and as each model is essentially an individual unit I decided to make each one from a different codex chapter, excluding my ultramarines. I was able to find decals. shoulder pads or free hand the chapter emblems for 9 of the marines. The Howling Griffin defeated me. I didnt have the skill to free hand it and the options for transfers (Brettonian or Space Wolf transfers that can be modified on Ebay or printing my own) were too pricey considering I need a single emblem.

I also bought a box of tacticals to make up the numbers. I was going to buy a combat squad but at £15 for 5 marines vs £22 for 10 marines with an upgrade sprue it would have been stupid to get just the combat squad.

Anyways, here is the squad.

Soul Drinker and Imperial Fist

Black Consul and Son of Orar

Howling Griffin and Iron Snake

Eagle Warrior and Salamander

White Scar and Mortifactor

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Whats the connection? A mystery

So what is the connection between the:

Eagle Warriors
Black Consuls
Dark Sons
Howling Griffens
Sons of Orar
White Scars
Soul Drinkers
Imperial Fists
Iron Snakes


We have First Founding chapters, a chapter that has been destroyed, a chapter that has turned renegade.
There are chapters that protect people and others that are oblivious. Chapters that favour assault, fast attack, heavy weapons or tacticals.

What could be the common thread that connects these 10 chapters?

All shall be revealled in the next few weeks....

Monday 31 May 2010

Clubbing a Baby Seal

Played a game today, first game in over a month and it was kind of unsatisfying.

You see, the closest real life example would be of clubbing a helpless baby seal. I slaughtered the other player and it was one of the easiest things I have done.

It was a 2500 point game using a Battle Missions mission. I believe it was Dawn Raid from the Dark Eldar missions ( I dont have my book close at hand to check but was 1st mission from the DE section)

I was running a somewhat balanced Marine force that swung towards a gunline and he was running a very odd mish-mashed Chaos Marine force

Due to the size of the store we were forced to use a 4x4 table. I wasnt keen on using 2500 points but he wanted to test his list. Fair enough I guess.

His force from memory was.

Demon Prince with wings
5 Terminators
Dreadnought with TLLC
Squad of Possessed marines
Squad of Beserkers in rhino
Squad of Noise Marines
Squad of Thousand Sons
Squad of PLague Marines

Mine was:

Captain with Twin Lighting Claws
Command Squad (first outing for new squad)
Land Raider Godhammer
4 x Tactical Squads
2 x Rhinos
1 x Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon
Assault Squad
Land Speeder with HF, MM
Attack Bike with MM
Devestator Squad with 10 marines, 2 x LC, 2 x PC

The rules for the mission made his deployment pretty aweful as he ended up playing as the Dark Eldar which only allowed him to deploy Fast Attack (which he didnt have) and Troops in transports (only the beserkers)

I, on the other hand could only deploy Heavy Support and Troops.

Deployment was table quarters with 4 objectives.

I am not going to go into a detailed turn by turn, just the highlights.

His rhino and Beserkers were his only unit on the table when we started. They were both vaporised from all my heavy guns.

Most of his army came on 2nd turn and had to march across the table towards my quarter. His shooting was ineffective. My turn 2 saw his defiler fall the LR Godhammer and a few Thousand Sons die.

Turn 3. Rest of his army came on. He moved across the board some more towards objectives. He killed off 5 Assault marines with his noise marines. He assaulted my LR with his terminators and they failed to do anything. My turn saw the rest of my army come on. His demon Prince found itself in the sights of the Dev Squad as well as the LR. No more DP :) Plague marines ate a vindicator shell and PC from the dread

Turn 4 saw him assault my Land Speeder with his possessed and wrecking it. His terminators were hit with Lascannons, Plasma Cannons and a Vanquisher shell and were no more. I assaulted his TS with my command squad and killed them all.

Turn 5 only had a few possessed, noise marines dreadnought and typhus left. He assaulted my command Squad with his possessed and they got munched. Command Squad consolidated towards the noise marines. My turn saw Typhus die to massed fire, my command squad go through his noise marines like a knife through butter and the Attack bike melta his dreadnought into a blazing wreck.

Result: Massacre to me. I only lost 5 assault marines, company champion and a tactical marine who died to gets hot.

Not I dont know what this guys issue was. If he just lost interest after his poor deployment or if he was just a bad player but they way he marched his troops into my guns was just bad. Granted the deployment did not favour him but I could have done better with his army and I do not play Chaos. While I enjoyed winning, I took very little satisfaction out of the win.

Lessons learned: Gun Lines still have their place, especially with some of the Battle Mission missions. Also, despite many opinions to the contrary, Lascannons are still potent. S9 shot that can reach out across the table = win in my book.

Unit of the match: Its a toss up between the Captain with command squad and the Land Raider. The raider killed a rhino, defiler, took 2 wounds off a DP, killed 2 terminators and 1 Thousand Son. The Command Squad and Captain on the other hand mopped up 3 squads with only 1 loss.

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Ultramarine Captain

And here is the Captain that the new Command Squad will be attached too.

I have had him for about a year but have never had a decent looking squad to attach him too. That's changed now and I can see many a game where the lot of them slaughter the Enemies of Mankind

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Ultramarine Command Squad

The command squad is now finished. I must say that they came out rather well all in all. I was not altogether happy with the apothocary but I fixed him so he looks a bit better with the application of some grey for some shading. Used the grey as a bit of....I dont know what you would call it....low lighting maybe? Anyways I used it to break up the mass of white.

I really enjoyed building this unit. If you look closely you will find bits from 9 different boxes and 2 blisters.

Command Squad Box
Sanguinary Guard Box
Death Company Box
Assault Squad Box
Beserker Box
Old Space Wolf Box
New Wolf Pack Box
Venerable Dreadnought Box
Assault Terminator Box

Kudos to anyone who can identify what bit is on what model :)

The Banner is a photocopy from the Codex. I am not skilled enough yet to freehand that as yet.

Anyways, here they are:

The squad as a whole

Company Champion

Banner Bearer


Vet with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

Vet with Power Sword

Friday 21 May 2010

How McRunty got his groove back

I haven't posted for quite some time. This is mainly due to the fact that I was feeling very burned out on all things 40K.

I have actually spent the last 1.5 months playing PC games, reading or just chilling out. Didn't paint and barely played any games aside from Ultra meet 4. My water cup ran dry and my mini's languished in their cases.

That seems to be coming to an end. I have recently gone back to my paint brush and am painting up a new command squad. I have stripped down my old one, scavenged it for bits and am using the new Sanguinary Guard box as a base.

I have been really happy at the results this far. I spent most of last Sunday painting up a test mini just to see if the whole "Muscled Torso" idea was viable with blue paint and it is. The test mini is below.

I will paint up the rest of the squad this weekend and should be able to post the full unit next week sometime.

Ultra Meet 4

Once again, this was a blast. We all went up to Warhammer World and this was the biggest meet yet. I think we had 14 players at one stage.

I played 6 games with my DeathWing and won 4. The 2 I lost were too Tyranids which I lost 2 - 1 on objectives and to Sisters of Battle where I was pretty much tabled. Never having played Sisters before I was unprepared for the nastiness that their Faith can bring.

The 4 games I won, I won pretty convincingly. I smote C'tan's necrons, crushed Alloyslayers 4th Co., burned GC08's pesky scouts out of the woods and destroyed Kernmists marines.

All in all a good weekend and another demonstration that Deathwing can win games if you play them right.

Friday 2 April 2010

Ultrawing Complete

God, its taken months to get done. Months of stripping minis and painting. Months of getting my army list right but now, finally, I have finished painting all units of my Ultramarine First Company army using the Deathwing rules.

I couldnt get a very good shot of the whole thing so this will have too do.

I have had really good results with this army. Its not one that the local gaming scene is used to so people dont quite know how to combat it. Also, the idea of 20 terminators seems to intimidate some players. I had one chap who bunched his whole army up in a corner because he was afraid of my "Deathwing Assault" I then walked my whole army across the board and took all 4 objectives with only the loss of a few terminators and a dreadnought.

The army list I play is pretty much as you see here though I have either the Chaplain OR theTLLC dread in it, not both as they dont fit into 1750 points.

Saturday 20 March 2010

New Venerable Dreadnought done

Its taken me 2 weeks to paint this guy due to other commitments but here he is in all his glory.

Venerable Dreadnough "Will be Named Later" for your perusal. Only 1 little bit of kit bash on this chap. Can anyone tell me what?

Tuesday 16 March 2010

Librarium Painting Challenge Complete

I have once again taken part in the BolterandChainsword Librarium Painting Challenge and once again I have completed the task.

This year I put down for 5 units. A dreadnought and tactical company which I have posted previously as well as 4 terminators, Captain Sicarius and a unit of Scouts.

It actually took me quite a bit longer to get done than I expected. I blame a plethora of new PC games that came out for this. Mass Effect 2 was the main culprit but the new Dawn of War 2 played a part as well.

Anywho, onto the minis.

Terminators first. I have to say that I am not really all that happy with them except for the Space Hulk one. This is mostly because of how the helmets came out. They are the one part of terminators that I struggle with. Not with painting the white but with getting it defined nicely.

Then came Captain Sicarius. Now, even though I play 2nd Company Ultramarines I loath the character of Sicarius. I dont like how he has been pushed as this sort of "ideal" Ultramarine. I far prefer Agemman. However it is a really great model.


Last but not least are the scouts. I bought these chaps way back in the day when I first started 40k and before I had the rules or codex. The idea of hard core snipers appealed to me. That was before I found out how rubbish the were. Anyways, I stripped them down and decided to do a more covert style colour scheme for them while still retaining enough elements to identify them as Ultramarines.

Wednesday 3 March 2010

The Postman Cometh....

In a fortuitus chain of events I was at home today when a package arrived. In this overly large box was my new Venerable Dreadnought. It was not in my plans to build this today but once I got a look inside I just couldnt resist.

So in an orgy of plastic shavings and glue I put this chap together. One of my main issues was deciding how to make him as there are so many different bits you can fit him out with. In the end I went with what you see below. The only change I made to this guy was using a set of MK4 feet that I had left over from a Forgeworld Dreadnought which suits him very well.

I will put pics of him up once I have painted him up. That will have to wait to the weekend unfortunatly.

The Fleet Launches

The first 2 ships of my Battlefleet Gothic Imperial Navy fleet have come out of the construction dock. I was really happy with how easy these were to put together and to paint.

I used a really simple scheme of drybrushing through various shades of grey up to white. Dwarf Bronze for the ornamentation and a black wash over that. Enchaned Blue was used for the Prow.

Unnamed Dominator Class Cruiser

Unnamed Gothic Class Cruiser

Wednesday 24 February 2010

In the pipeline

It is possible that I am going to have another interest very soon. And this interest is....

I have always been keen to try the game but have been put off by the lack of players. I only know 2 people who play the game and neither of them lives close enough to me to play.

However, that changed this week as I got a sudden urge to buy some ships and paint them up as display pieces. So I duely ordered the pack that comes with 2 cruisers in it which should arrive tomorrow.

The thing is, once I had bought them I got to thinking. What is the use in having models you do not use? So I downloaded the rules and have been poring over the internet for good fleet lists etc.

I will be going for an Imperial Navy fleet which will be painted to fit into my Ultramar forces. I think I will paint them in pale tones. Light grays and whites with burnished gold. I really am quite excited about it.

Next on the agenda is the new Venerable Dreadnought. I have placed my pre-order for it which means I will have it next weekend. I got to have a look at a completed one and the sprues at my local GW and it really is a lovely model. Very well done.

I have not painted or done anything 40k related for the last 2 weeks apart from order my dreadnought as I have been immersed in the world of Mass Effect 2. What an outstanding game. I havent been sucked in like this by a game for years. In fact the last time it happened was with Mass Effect 1. I was hooked so bad that I gave up the chance to get a game in at my store. Ok, the torrential rain didnt help but I dont think I would gave left the house even had it been sunny. I should finish it this weekend though so should get back to a decent 40k schedule.

Thursday 18 February 2010

January Painting

So looking back at the last month and a half or so of posts all I see is a wall of text. To break it up and give people what they want I present to you all my January efforts at the painting table. These 2 units are actually part of my B&C Librarium Painting Challenge.

To begin we have Tactical Squad 4. The sergeant for this squad was shown earlier (the AOBR Sergeant conversion) and here are the rest of his buddies.

I have tried to make the squad as varied as possible with different helmets and bolter varients. The chap below has an old school bolter that was lurking in my bits box.

This fellow has a MK2 Helmet and belt fed bolter

Guy below has a Drum Fed Bolter

Guy below has some funky targetting gizmo on his helmet. Hopefully it will prevent this gets hot rolls

This fellow has an Iron Hands Bionic arm and attached bolter

This chap has a box fed bolter

I have to say I am really happy how the Multi-Melta guy came out. A different looking MK2 Helm made all the difference.

After that comes Brother Opis, 1st Company Dreadnought. I enjoyed making his base which has some nurgle elements to it. Corroded Icon and squashed nurglified guardsman. You cant see it in these pics but he has a helmet and a corroded lasgun.

The dreadnought itself is an AOBR dread with minor conversion. I cut the faceplate off and attached a different one and a forgewold bit (the plaque thingie) on his torso. Not much else done aside from that.

Later this month expect to see some of the other units I have done for the challenge. Namely Sicarius and a unit of scouts.