Saturday 3 November 2012

Battlefleet Gothic Fleet and campaign

Its been some time since my last post. Life and a lack of game playing getting in the way as usual. That being said I have found time to complete my BFG fleet and start a campaign with my friend Kenny. His is running a Slannesh Chaos fleet while I am using my Imperial Navy fleet.

Being highly unorigional I have based my fleet on the British High Seas Fleet of WW1, specifically when it was involved in the Battle of Jutland. My Admiral is Jon Jellicoe and he is of course housed in the Iron Duke.

Thus far we have played 2 games of the campaign. Game 1 was a massive 2000 point battle. We decided to start off with this big game as we both wanted to field all of our new fleets. That ended in a solid win for me.

Game 2 was a Raid battle. During this game I managed to do almost 0 damage to my opponent and disengaged my whole fleet like a whipped dog. Resounding victory for the forces of chaos.

It has been an interesting experience as we have both found out and learned a whole bunch, especially when it comes to rules that we both misread or interpreted. Still, thats the whole point. To learn.

Anywho, getting back to my fleet since I am sure people want to see the pretty pictures. I have based my fleet off the Battlefleet Bakka fleet from the 2010 FAQ and compendium. Its a fleet based heavily on big guns and very very few carriers which I felt matched the whole WW1 aesthetic. I do have some flight decks in there but not many.

The whole fleet.
My escorts and light cruisers
Battlecruisers: The one in the front is a Jovian and its an almost pure carrier. Its specific to Battlefleet Bakka and according to fluff only 1 exists. Which is why I decided to use a different bridge on it to make it look more unique as well as more carrier-ish.
My cruisers. 2 Luna and 2 Gothics
And of course the big boy. The Iron Duke herself
I also decided to paint up some planets. I did an inhabited world and a gas giant.
As you can see I decided to paint them with a night and day side. That way its always easy to see which is the sunward side of the table.