Sunday 29 July 2012

Update on goings on

Havent updated in a while. This has mainly been due to having a new job but also with the fact that I couldnt be arsed to get my camera all set up for just 1 mini.

Thats not to say I havent been busy. I have painted up quite a number of minis which I will show off below.

First things though. Remember my work area?

Yes, not ideal but it did in a pinch. Well that is done with now. Has been replaced with a much better setup.

As can be seen there is now a more work area. Everything has a place. There is a shelf and a draw and I have my PC next to it so can listen to music or have some movie or show playing.

As to models I have painted up a variety of stuff.
First I finally completed some more of my Imperial Guard. This included a squad of guardsmen, the old metal command squad, a techpriest that has been sitting in my bitz box for about 4 years and a commisar who has also been sitting in my box for a few years.

I really love this sculpt for so many reasons. Gave him a moustache and soul patch to make his face look less bland and also its because its how I imagine an aristocratic high born to look.

This commisar is my absolute favourite Imperial Guard sculpt. Was great fun to paint.

No idea if I will ever use this guy but he was quick and easy to paint up and he looks cool.

Group shot of all the IG stuff I have done. A lot of it is second hand or bought off ebay. THe command squad in the front is the old metal one that I got off ebay for practically nothing as it was covered by around 27 layers of paint. Was super excited as I far prefer it over the plastic.

Its by no means a coherent force but its getting there.

Moving on we now head over to my Heavy Gear Force. This is now complete. I was able to do a deal with my buddy and got around 10 gears to finish up my army. They are all the older sculpts so a bit static looking but I think they still look great. I did have to some weapon swaps as the older weapons just look pathetic compared to the newer sculpts.

The army is essentially made up of a Veteran General Purpose squad with 3 Black Mambas and a Sidewinder.

A normal General Purpose squad made up of 3 Jagers, a Sidewinder and an Iguana. The leader has had a headswap from the old models with a new version head.

The big guns are provided by a Veteran Fire Support Squad with 3 Support Cobra's, a King Cobra and an Iguana (who somehow didnt get pictured)

Also included is my Naga. This guy has been shown before but I got bored and added the sharks teeth which I think adds a huge amount of character to the mini.

Not all of the minis are used at any one time but thet are avaliable. I am going to add some tanks at some point but thats not going to be for some time.

And there we have it. My activity over the last few months.