Wednesday 7 October 2009

Painter first, Gamer second

There is no real point to this, just a rant on my part…

I am definitely a painter first and a gamer second. There really is nothing more relaxing for me than to put some music or background tv show on and paint / convert mini’s.

However I do like to play on occasion. The trouble is that over the last few months and for the next few months ahead, chances to play have been very few and far between.

I work 60 hour weeks which mean that my gaming must be done on the weekend. Unfortunatly the GW stores near me run events etc on Saturdays which means no tables free. Sundays are spent with my wife doing domestic bits and pieces.  I also am not fond of the majority of the people who frequent my local GW (5 minutes away by public transport). It’s also very small and cramped. The store I used to play at is in central London and takes me about 90 minutes to get to and that’s of the bloody train line isn’t being worked on. I don’t have a car so can not drive to the nearest working tube or train line and the bust takes almost 2 hours.

Playing at gaming clubs has much the same problem as going into London, it takes too damn long to get anywhere.

Another odd problem is this. I am a frequent poster on the Ultramarine sub-forum at and recently all the Ultramarine players have gotten together and had games. This has spoiled me as everyone was nice, non argumentative, got along well with others, didn’t smell and were generally old enough to be married (which the majority were). So when I compare that to some of the local…ah…shall we say talent…I find myself quite reluctant to play them

All of which leads me back to the initial problem. I am desperate for a GOOD game of 40k. I am burned out of painting for a while, or at least I am burned out of blue marines and can’t afford to get new guard for a while.

I want to play a big points, non apocalypse game where time isn’t  an issue and with a good opponent who challenges me and who I can actually talk to but baring that I just want to play a couple of decent games. Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen any time soon.


  1. I feel your pain... I absolutely love your word choice too, "talent."
    That made my day.

  2. This is why I tend to play exclusively with friends rather than random people from shops.

    Thankfully I know a half dozen gamers who I've been friends with for years so I have plenty of potential opponents when I fancy a game!