Thursday 30 August 2012

Terrain Madness

I have read that its like a drug. An addiction that has to be met. An itch in constant need of scratching and I have fallen prey to this scourge.

What I am talking about is the dreaded Terrain Bug!!!

Everywhere I look and everything I see now falls into 2 categories. Things I can replicate as scenary and things I can use to make that scenary. I am brimming with ideas and have been scouring the internet to fine ways and methods to bring those ideas into life.

It started with my roads that I posted about previously. Its now moved on.

First came the MG nests. These were inspired by and article on Modeldads and then from BigLee's Miniatures.

My efforts:

Then came the trench line. I built roughly 24 inches of trench line. This was accomplished with nothing more than some packing styrofoam and coffee stirrers.

 In Progress. And no, the superglue is NOT what I used to glue the styrofoam.

Finished Product. Not all of it but enough to get the idea. No idea why it came out so dark in the photos.

Next was my stone walls. Again using styrofoam as a base and fish tank gravel I made 6 feet of walls in 6 inch segments.

Again, just a selection of the finished product. I am quite proud of the gate :)

Some of the walls next to one of my road segments.

And last but not least I was feeling whimsical and also wanted to do something quick and easy. So I did a well. This took me all of about 25 minutes to make.

 In Progress: Made from gravel and square toothpicks. They were from a party pack hence the colours.

Finished product.

And there we go. Some of the things I have made in the last week. Yes....its all one weeks worth. Like I said, I have the bug bad!

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