Friday 25 January 2013

Bad Kitties and Friends

Its a new year and a new focus and enthusiasm for war gaming. Much of this can be attributed to the opening of a new game store in my area. Well, its not new but it moved to a new premises which is only 25 minutes away door to door. Its a big store with tons of space and lots of product. Its amazing just what those 2 things can do to your enthusiasm and to the contents of your wallet. The store itself used to be called Sci-fi Genre and is now called Atomic Empire.

What that means is that I am getting in more gaming and I have also met a few new people. Hell, I have even managed a few small games of 40k which will be part of my next post.

This post more concerns my small but growing Flames of War army. Over Christmas I went halvies on the Open Fire box set. I kept the Germans and my friend Kenny took the British. I was also able to aquire a few pieces of individual armour, hence the name of the post.

This amounted to a new Tiger 1E, Panther A and Konigstiger. Painting and assembly went well. I changed my method putting them together and used 2 part epoxy instead of super glue and I am very happy with the result. Those tanks will NOT be falling apart.

This brings my total up to 2 Tigers, 3 Panthers and 1 Konigstiger.

As mentioned I also put together the contents of the Open Fire Box set. All in all I am very impressed with what came in it. 2 full platoons of Grenadiers plus HQ, the 2 Pak40 guns and the 3 StuG G's. All went together well and look good. The infantry does have some issues with being single piece plastics but nothing thats noticable on the table top.

In a frenzy of hobby enthusiasm I assembled and painted everything in less than a week. I will say that doing the 81 infantry figues almost crushed my will to live.

 The 3 plastic StuGs. They look good and are a teeny bit bigger than the resin versions. I think the extra width actually makes them look better. Also brings my StuG count to 8

The 2 Pak40's: Lovely models and very easy to put together. 

Grenadier HQ stands 

Grenadier Platoon. There is a 2nd platoon but it looks the same so didnt take pictures.

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  1. Wow. Big effort over a week. You got some great looking recruits to your collection as result. Well done.