Saturday 9 February 2013

New Deathwing

So I have only just recently been able to have a look at the new Dark Angels Codex and see how the changed effect my Deathwing and overall I have to say it hasnt changed much. A few points value increases with the biggest being the 60 point increase in Belial. However, he has increased in ability so I feel its worth it.

I am also not that impressed with the Deathwing Knights. I feel they are expensive for a unit that is essentially a 1 turn wonder but time will tell if I am wrong on that.

I am also slightly irritated that they made the Command Squad into a non-scoring unit. No longer are they just Deathwing Terminators with some upgrades. This fact reduces the number of troops choices in my 1750 list. Oh well.

The thing I am most delighted about however is the fact that I can now take my Land Raider Redeemer. I know its not the best LR and it has some issues especially since Templates cant Snapshot but I still love the idea of it. Plus it just looks awesome.

Overall then, aside from only 3 arm swaps I havent had to change very much in my list. The only thing I did have to drop in my 1750 list was my Dreadnought and that has not reduced my combat power by too much though I will miss that TLLC and Missile launcher especially since it now has Flak missiles.

Arm changes were to one of my Sergeants. He has now become my Company Champion so had to loose his Storm Bolter.

2nd arm swap was one of my Belials. He used to have a TH/SS mix with a large sword counting as the TH. This had to change. So he went from this:

to this:

The last change was to my Libby. He used to carry a Storm Shield to represent the Invulnerable power that DA libbies used to have. With that power gone he now has a SB.

to this:
Now all I need to do is play some games and see how it goes. I do have a Doubles Tournament coming up next week. 1k points each and my partner and I are both doing Deathwing.

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