Monday 7 September 2009

Battle Report: Ultramarines vs Tau

Yesterday I played a 2000 point game with my Ultramarines vs Tau.

It was an objectives based game with 5 objectives, deployment was standard table edges. I deployed first.

His force looked something like this
Farsight, 2 body guards, 2 shield drones
Shas’o, 2 body guards, 2 drones
2  - 7 Man fire warrior teams – markerlight
broadside team with 2 broadsides and  2 shield drones
2 sniper teams
Hammer head
3 stealth suits - 1 fusion balster
2 piranha – fusion, seeker missiles
Kroot – 19 kroot, Shaper, 12 kroot hounds

Mine looked like this:

3 tactical squads
2 rhinos
Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon
Venerable Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon
Drop pod
Land Raider with MM
5 Vanguard (relic blade, 3 power weapons, TH)
Speeder (MM, H/F)
Attack Bike – MM

Marines in Blue. Tau in Red, objectives are the black circles. Ruins and cover are in grey and the green areas are hills. 

First Turn

Marines -
I placed the 2 rhino with attached squads as well as the speeder in reserve. The Ironclad and pod came down and shoots at the piranha squadron with melta and heavy flamer. The melta destroys a fusion blaster and the flamer does nothing but catches some firewarriors that were in the flame path. The Land Raider moves behind cover and the Vindi angles itself so the hammerhead is hitting front armour. Attack bike moves up towards the hammerhead. Plasma shots from dreads prove ineffective.

Tau -
The ironclad is markerlighted and the Piranhas move up behind it before destroying it with a seeker missile. The Land Raider takes 2 marker light hits which reduces its cover to 6+. The 2 broadsides shoot at it, 1 shot manages to penetrate but I roll a 6 to pass the cover save. The venerable dread looses its plasma cannon to a glancing hit from a sniper squad. I forget to ask for the re-roll.
Battlefield at end of turn 1

Turn 2

Marines - 
The 2 Rhinos come on, both on the left – Marines disembark near broadsides and rapid fire, killing a shield drone. The attack bike moves forward and kills the hammerhead with a MM shot. The LR moves forward and immobilizes a piranha which dies to the squadron rules. Vindi and Krak missile from the Tac Squad shoots at at the second piranha to no effect but it is then immobilised by the second dreads plasma cannon

Tau - 
The Sniper teams shoot at the disembarked rhino squad and kill 4. They fail their leadership and fall back.. The immobilised Piranha fires seeker missile at dread but it bounces off the side armour. The Attack bike is killed by fire warriors and a Broadside kills The Venerable dread. Once again I forget to do the re-roll. His Shas'O team deepstrikes but scatters onto the LR and rolls a 1 on the mishap table – lost in warp. Farsight deepstrikes and scatters close to my   lines. He the shoots and kills 2 marines.

Battlefield at end of turn 2
Turn 3

Marines - 
The Land Speeder comes on  - deepstrikes and scatters almost off board near his fire warriors. Flames 2 fire warriors. Falling back tac squad are less than 6" from the enemy and falls back some more. The Plasma dread, vindi and krak missile fire at piranha and again fail to do anything. Long range plasma cannon / gun fire from the second rhino's fire points as well as the rhino's stormbolter kill off one of the sniper teams.
The LR  moves close to Farsight. Khan, Cassius and the Vanguard disembark. Shooting from the raider and from the squad take out the shield drones. They then assault and kill everything, loosing a single vanguard. Consolidate back towards the LR

Tau - 
The Broadsides kill the Rhino on objective, I loose 2 marines to the explosion. The snipers kill more of the falling back tactical squad.

Battlefield at end of turn 3
Turn 4

Marines - 
The Vanguard get back on board LR and the LR moves up board. The piranha is finally killed by a krak missile and its drones get off. The Tac squad rally and move back towards sniper squad. They shoot the squad the sniper squad, cause wounds and the sniper squad runs off the table. The Rhino next to his broadsides then tank shock the broadsides. One of them takes a Death or Glory shot, penetrates the rhino and destroys the Storm Bolter. The rhino squashes the Broadside. The land speeder moves and flames an entire firewarrior squad and kills them all. The Vindi moves up.

Tau - 
The Gundrones close and shot down the land speeder. The second Broadside takes revenge and kills the rhino.
His Kroot come on and assault the tactical squad sitting on the bottom objective. 20 kroot and 12 kroot hounds gave him something like 65 attacks on the charge. He managed to kill 1 marine. I killed 5 kroot. he failed his leadership and I beat his initiative roll so my squad ran them all down and slaughtered them. It was a combat I should not have won.

Battlefield at end of turn 4

Turn 5

Marines - 
The LR moves up and heavy bolters last fire warrior. The tac squad near the broadsides move up, shoot and then assault broadside. They remove a wound and the Broadside fails to wound but passes its leadership. My Vindi moves up.

Tau - 
His Stealth team come on behind the Land Raider and fires afusion blaster at it but only manages to stun it. His Broadside dies to Tac squad.

Battlefield at end of turn 5

Turn 6
Marines - 
Vanguard disembark and move towards stealth team
Vindi fires shot at stealth team and kills them all

Result: Massacre for me.

I think that this is the first time that I have ever tabled an opponent. I have had people concede when its been close before or have the game end with 2 minis on the table but never actually done it.

Lessons learned
 - I don't normally use venerable dreadnoughts so I forgot to force the damage table re-rolls. I think if I had the dread would have lived a bit longer. As it is it made no difference in the end but had the game been close it could well have done so.
- I am not convinces yet about Khan and his outflank rule. It did come in useful this game but for some reason I find it a little gimmicky.
- I am also starting to think this army list is a little too strong for pick-up games. I may have to redesign it. Perhaps drop a dread and get rid of the special characters. It will still be strong but not quite so vicious.


  1. Well done! Tabling someone is always satisfying, even if it doesn't always make for the most exciting games.

    I do think you were lucky in a lot of ways - I've played games against Tau armies build to fight marines and they would have popped all those tin cans you had by the second turn at the latest... actually maybe that's just my bad luck!

    I think your opponent made a few mistakes as well (Kroot outflanking for one), but it's possible to make mistakes and win so it doesn't diminish your victory!

    Oh and one more thing... remember your venerable re-rolls! They can be game winnners - I know from experience.

  2. hell yeah! what is your name? Shikamaru? you are a real speciallist in this terrain, I have a little squad, we call it "Buy Viagra special response squad" sometimes we use the name of "Iron Wolf".