Friday 4 September 2009

Test subjects

As previously mentioned I only have a few models done up at the moment. They currently consist of a 2nd hand Leman Russ that I picked up and the 5 guardsman from the clip together kit.

The Russ has undergone a minor conversion. I sliced off the end of the battle cannon, hacked apart a pen and made myself a Vanquisher. I like the look of the Vanquisher and think that with Pask on board it will make a very capable Tank Killer. Nothing quite beats S8 +2d6 from 72" away. Also, with Pask its BS4 and +1 to the damage chart so its essentially like having an extreme long range Multi-Melta.

Colour scheme is simple yet I think quite effective. I wanted something that looks nice but doesnt take ages to do. I settled for a basecoat of Codex Grey with a heavy dry brush of Astronomicon Grey.

The actual guardsman follow this simple scheme. Basecoat of Codex grey with a Bedab wash the highlight the raised areas with Codex grey. Flak vest and helmet in Enchanted Blue with a 50/50 Enchanted Blue / Skull White highlight. Lasgun is bestial brown with Bedab wash then highlighted with a lighter brown( I cant remember the name off hand). Boots are black with a 75/25 black/grey mix to highlight. This scheme means I can do a squad in a couple of hours which is great if you are dealing with lots and lots of troops.

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  1. Nice work!

    Just wanted to introduce myself as I've been reading through your blog as you seem to follow a similar idea with armies to me - all Ultra, all the time :) I have a ton of Ultramarines, a decent amount of Ultramar-raised Imperial Guard (infantry and armour), some Ordo Malleus from the Ultima Segmentum (Ultramar sub-sector), Vulture Gunship support from Battefleet Ultima and even a Warhound Titan from Legio Praetor :)

    Your colour scheme for the Ultramar guard is almost the same as mine - I use a darker blue for the armour, apart from the left shoulder pad which I leave as an "Ultramarine" blue. I also used black weapons casings, though I like the complimentary look of the brown ones.

    I look forward to seeing more from your blog!